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HEINE OMEGA®500 Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope

With its XHL Xenon-Halogen-Technology and perfect colour rendering, the OMEGA500 has set the standard for reliability and performance. Unique “Synchronized Adjustment of Convergence and Parallax” for high quality, stereoscopic fundus images through any pupil size. Precise selection of the observation and illumination optics for small pupils down to 1.0 mm. Excellent optical performance due to the multi-coated illumination system. Exact vertical alignment of the illumination with the observation path further minimising the reflections. Due to the mounting of the optics on an aluminium frame, the OMEGA500 is solid, long lasting, and is guaranteed to be dustproof. The HC50 L Headband Rheostat controls the LED illumination as well as the XHL Xenon-Halogen illumination.

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Ocular Response Analyzer® G3

Make a more confident glaucoma risk assessment with Corneal Hysteresis – a more objective predictor of glaucoma progression.

Ocular Response Analyzer® (ORA) is the only tonometer that measures Corneal Hysteresis (CH), a superior predictor of glaucoma progression. Corneal Hysteresis is an indication of the biomechanical properties of the cornea differing from thickness or topography, which are geometrical attributes.

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